Shower Mate

Sale price $12.00

Take the entertainment with you to the shower.
Who said you should stop texting, watching or trolling social media when you're in the shower? Not us.

"I am addicted to social media.. I love combining the best of both worlds.. a nice warm shower and my favourite Tik Tok videos...  I can perfectly scroll and swipe with this casing. So Worth it. xx"

The Shower Buddy is a Must-Have and here is why:

1) WATERPROOF: Shower buddy is completely water proof keeping your precious phone protected and dry throughout the wettest and steamiest showers. The case is very well insulated and protective. 

2) PREMIUM & SEAMLESS:  "Natural Feel" screen protecting layer that allows you to use your device as normal as if it was out of the casing. Freely scroll, swipe, text, call and use your phone as normal even when in the case. 

3)ANTI-FOG TECH: Unlike most of our competitors, our case has anti-fogging technology keeping your phone's screen intact for better viewing and clarity. Effective even during winter when you're having hot showers. 

4)MESS-FREE ATTACHMENT: Forget about damaging the bathroom tiles, making holes or leaving a residual. The Shower Buddy has an effective system. Stick and use without delays. It can hold up to 5kgs