Smart Car Tyre Pressure Monitor

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This is the best device to make sure the safety of your passengers and yours is taken care of. 

"We go on long drives once a week with the kids and we love the fact that we are fully in control and aware of what's happening with our vehicle's tyres at all times. We've been able to reduce fuel consumption, prevent a punctured tyre and avoid being stranded. Overall it has saved us a lot of time and money"                                                                                       ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Robert. W


SAVE FUEL: A deflated tyre can often lead to excessive petrol consumption as the car's weight is harder to move. With this device, you will always know when it's time to inflate them. 

SAVE TIME: Take out the guesswork of knowing how inflated or deflated your tyres are. Our device will clearly describe the tyres' PSI on the screen for you. 

KEEP YOUR FAMILY SAFE:  You won't have to worry about the tyres exploding due to being over-inflated. The Smart Device takes the guesswork out of knowing the condition of your tyres. Our device will clearly describe the tyres' PSI on the screen for you. 

MULTI-FUNCTION: The smart device alerts you of low and high air pressure, leakage/punctures, high temperates and also when it is low on battery. It is a powerful all in one impactful device. 

SOLAR AND BATTERY POWERED: The main screen is solar powered so it stays on for hours and hours while each separate sensor has its own flat, long-lasting flat battery. 

If you love 4WD Four-Wheel Driving or you love cruising with the family, The Smart Tyre Pressure Monitor is a must-have to keep you safe and aware of the condition of your tyres. Your tyres are the most important element keeping the car on the road. Make sure that they are in top condition at all time.